- Linking And Supporting Military Veterans And Public Safety



FireVet is a grass roots, all volunteer, not for profit group focused on connecting the communities of the Public Safety and Military Veterans.


Current Goals:

  • To organize, encourage, and support military veterans and service members who are now active public servants, specifically firefighting and EMS.
  • To organize, encourage, and support veterans and service members who are interested in the career of firefighting through Coaching and Mentoring programs.
  • To train and educate all front line fire personnel in the wide spectrum of behavioral health topics specific to veterans.
  • To encourage and support firefighters with previous military backgrounds who have self identified themselves as advocates for our veteran population and are trained to assist veterans and connect them to appropriate and available resources.
  • To identify specific fire crews, shifts, and stations, who are interested in providing Vet Stop services to vets as a 24/7 safe haven for veterans in need and connect them to resources.
  • To partner with other Veteran organizations and provide a "one stop shop" for firefighters specifically, and to extend and expand those programs and outreach to Public Service.
  • To respect the confidentiality and privacy of military veterans in the fire service who want to remain anonymous regarding their military service.
General Mentorship Meeting at 1700 for fire recruit candidates at the PFD Training Academy. Bring PT gear and a clean change of clothes for classroom, we will be working on interview skills. Start hydrating now for the workout and Skills course.

The Phoenix Fire Department Training Academy is located at 2425 W Lower Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009. 

The written exam for the PFD Firefighter Recruit process is already complete. We are now waiting the results of applicants written exams. At that point they will be invited to a first round oral board. For more information regarding the online application and to download the 2015 Firefighter Recruit Exam Study Packet, please visit